Renewable Generations utilizes an incentive program through NV Energy that encourages the installation of renewable energy systems by offsetting the investment costs.  These are available as one time rebates, or in the form of Portfolio Energy Credits (PECs). 

Portfolio Energy Credits is a program through NV Energy that enables customers to trade the power their system produces for credits from the power company.  It is designed to keep the consumer from paying the power company in months where their usage may be more than their production.  The Portfolio Energy Credits Program is also part of a larger compliance with Nevada legislation, which mandates an increase in renewable energy sources by 2% each year.  2013 - 2014 requirements put Nevada's annual renewable power production at 18%. More information on the PECs program is available through the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada website.

Please see NV Energy's Renewable Generations website for more information on rebates:
Renewable Generations Rebates - Solar Electric On Grid
Renewable Generations Rebates - Solar Hot Water
Renewable Generations Rebates - Wind Power

Rebates and Portfolio Energy Credits are only available on new installations. 
Independent Power Corporation handles all rebate and PEC applications for our customers.